Nov 4 2014

We are going to be doing a 365 day budget saving plan!


Hello everyone! It is that time of year again where we all want to save a little cash. I think it isn’t just me that has so many troubles with saving for the Holiday Season, especially with two children. We have just recently purchased a home and wanted to start clean~ so I thought it would be a good idea to try and teach ourselves how we can budget and save money at the same time. This seems like an obvious thing to do, but is it really that easy?
The goal? A large savings account, and a significant boost to the children’s college funds. These two things are very important to us especially in a case of an emergency and I want to make sure everyone is set up in a good amount of time. We also want to be able to take family vacations. We are the only couple I know that hasn’t gone somewhere other than our parent’s homes out of state for a vacation, we think it is about time we start saving for family vacations like Disney World…. So if we can accomplish a little extra money to go into that kind of account, we definitely wouldn’t be disappointed.

Today, Day 1-

I have decided to try a budgeting strategy for 365 days and blog about the outcome from day to day. Whether it be that it didn’t go well for that day, or that WE have hit our goal for that day. Our goal today is to start this blog, and make sure it reaches people who are in the same boat as we are and that we can encourage and be a strong influence on others. Enjoy our journey!

Nov 4 2014

Day 2 of 365 Days of Money Budgeting



Day 2~

Today was a rough day as I decided we should start from scratch with our budgeting. I decided that the most important thing to do would be to make sure that we were all paid up on bills that were lingering (i.e. medical bills) at the same time I got a call from the Bank (we are trying to buy a house) that they needed money for an appraisal…… well…. this is why we are having to budget. Luckily we had the…..$ 612.00 to pay for it! But now is the time to start fresh with a new home on its way. I also decided that we should get rid of all of the extras in our life. So I finished watching all of my shows on Hulu and Netflix, kind of saying goodbye that way, and canceled those- those two together will save us 20.00/month! YES I figured what is 8.00 here or 11.00 there? Well it adds up and when you say it to yourself, wow, that’s almost 20 a month!? It is actually a lot. So- too bad kids, we don’t have Netflix anymore, go play outside! ha!

I also cut my daughters preschool days down to three a week. This will lower our preschool costs down by at least $100.00! That’s an extra 100.00 per month that we can put towards college funds or savings accounts. I also used CASH ONLY when I got gasoline for the vehicle today. I decided that we should stop using our cards so much, because when you use your card, it feels harder to control when you are a busy mom of two especially and life gets hectic. I budgeted $40.00/ week for gasoline for us to start. My husband will have his own budget of $40.00/week. this gives us 320.00/ month to use for gasoline and whatever is left we can either carry over into next month or we can put it savings. Pretty great.

This turned out to be a great day considering that it was a kind of expensive one getting bills all paid up….but it feels GREAT to be caught up.

Oct 27 2014

doTERRA Information helpful to fight off viruses and cold season

I am currently a doTERRA consultant please visit my webpage at . Here are some helpful information regarding one of my personal favorite oils: ON GAURD

This oil has a really wonderful woodsy, cinnamon smell to it. It makes for a great hand sanitizer for the cold and flu season. I even use it in my Vick’s cold air humidifier (it comes with pads that you drop one drop of oil onto and place back into it so it diffuses into the air). My kids really like it because of the cinnamon smell- they always tell me it smells like Christmas.

Some of the other uses for this oil: On our website you can get the gel caps to take up to two or three a day depending on how you take it or like it for that matter. When I feel as though I need an extra boost I will take three per day, whether it is all together or one three times per day. I think it really helped us when the stomach bug passed through our house last month and the husband even likes it!

On Guard is formulated with Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus leaf, Rosemary leaf/Flower

There are various uses for this oil some may include: Aromatic use, in lotions, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, soaps, intestinal boost, and immunity booster and many more!

To see more information please visit Hope you enjoy!


Dec 1 2013

It’s Baby Time!

IMG_1429Knitted and Crocheted hat and bootie set! $45.00 Through AJ’s Hats and Things + shipping. Contact me if you are interested!


Dec 1 2013

Toddlers, we all need help in this area!

Please consider this website for helping parents deal with toddlers. We all know that they can be hard to deal with sometimes so this should help. Click on the photo below to see how this can help you and your toddler!logo

Dec 1 2013

Another Great Paleo Book!

If you are looking for more Paleo Diet Ideas click here  This is a great thing for the upcoming holidays or anytime!lamb-stuffed-tomato

Jul 30 2013

Healthy Organic Food Growing

I found a really neat place to get information on how to grow your own organic food! Check it out here, it’s fantastic!


Jul 14 2013

Web Design How To: Pinsomo!

Want your website to look like pinterest! Check this out! I did this and it’s amazing!

Click Here to see a demo ;-)


Jul 14 2013

Children’s reading program- worth a try!

Today’s world is so advanced and sometimes hard to keep up with. I know especially working with my two kids everyday. These parents have found a way to help teach their children how to read check it out here and see if it can help you too!


Jul 14 2013

Paleo Smoothie Recipes! Check this out!

I love making smoothies with my kids, this book has great recipes

Click here to view

book- and you won’t be disappointed!


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